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It’s April 1st. Which means I will be in Paris NEXT MONTH. I can hardly wait. Seriously, I’m like a child waiting for Christmas morning. I check my countdown clock at least 3 times a day. I won’t be surprised if I’m packed 2 weeks before leaving.

Just when I thought librarians couldn’t get any cooler…

An Octavia Butler adaption that involves Viola Davis? SIGN ME UP.

The book industry isn’t dead. That’s just an excuse to keep salaries low.

Everybody Loves Samin Nosrat, including me.

How To Build Up Your Work Life Balance

My sister shared this video with me a few weeks ago and I can’t stop watching it.

Robot authors?

Issa Rae on the cover of Essence is everything right now.

I recently discovered Hello Monday podcast and I’ve never felt so inspired.


Dad, can you paint me as the Mona Lisa please? I’ll love you forever.


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