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The High Republic: Light of the Jedi Rekindled My Love for Star Wars Novels - Ink & Fable

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi Rekindled My Love for Star Wars Novels

My Rating | 4/5 
Author | Charles Soule
Publisher | Del Rey 

Two hundred years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, in the era of the glorious High Republic, the noble and wise Jedi Knights must face a frightening threat to themselves, the galaxy, and the Force itself….

* This book was purchased by me, all views are my own. 

When I heard that Disney had hand-selected a group of talented authors to tell the story of Star Wars: The High Republic era, I found myself to be both thrilled and quite nervous, I really wanted this book to live up to my expectations!

Light of The Jedi takes place approximately 200 years before the Prequels, when Jedi Knights and Masters are at their prime and the Republic is at peace. It’s a time of unknowns and new discoveries, the entire galaxy is theirs to explore.

Part One opens with the inciting incident, a ship called the Legacy Run experiences a major accident, sacrificing the lives of several passengers and leaving pieces of its wreckage floating in and out of hyperspace. This causes several “mini” disasters of its own which leads to Chancellor Lina Soh and the Republic bringing together the most equipped Jedi for the job.

There were some moments where this book felt like it was written by two different authors. Phrases like, “it was as if” felt overused and cliche. As well as lines like “letting go of a breath it didn’t know it was holding”.

I would not recommend this book to someone who dislikes novels that involve tons of characters, because there are a TON in the Light of The Jedi. Every time you get to a new chapter, there is almost always a different point of view. It took me nearly all of part one to get used to this constant back and forth. And if I wasn’t expecting it, I might not have stuck it out in order to finish reading the book.

I’m so glad that I did though because Part Two is where the fun begins…

Once you get used to the number of different perspectives (I had to keep a journal to help keep track), the story really does come to life. There are murderous Game of Thrones-ish space Vikings, Jedi that bend the force to perform powerful miracles, and plenty of beautiful friendships– the heart of every good Star Wars story.

“We must always strive for peace, but also justice. Peace without justice is flawed, hollow at its core. It is the peace provided by tyranny.”

Charles Soule does a great job of exploring both the physical and mental boundaries of the Force and hyperspace. The two weave together in a way that tells a unique and riveting story of the Jedi and the people they vow to protect. After all,

“We are all the Republic.”

In addition to some new lore, the story also introduces us to many loveable new Master and apprentice duos, with my favorite being Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and his padawan Bell Zettifar. I loved them so much, and aside from Chancellor Lina Soh,  they were the characters that I connected with the most.

I love the fact that we are introduced to villains who are not the Sith, and that we are given the opportunity to explore Jedi that have zero connections to the Skywalker saga. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Anakin and Luke, but there is so much more of the galaxy to explore!

Once I got used to the style of the writing, the story really captivated me. It also shocked me how relevant it was to today’s political dialogue. A very timely Star Wars story that the entire fandom could benefit from reading!

I can’t wait for The Rising Storm and I have an alarm set for the premiere of The High Republic Show hosted by the amazing Krystina Arielle. I can’t wait to see what the Star Wars team does with the era of the High Republic, the possibilities are endless! Do yourself a favor…pour up a glass of blue milk and dive into The Light of The Jedi, it truly is a delight.


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