November Favorites

I've been so busy with work lately that November completely managed to sneak up on me, not to mention Thanksgiving is NEXT Thursday...what the heck 2015. Please slow down. I beg of you. Anyhoo, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things this month. Some old and some new. So far Adele got me contemplating bein' single and Shonda got me wanting to run my own company...

1. Comfy Knits

November is for sweaters so comfy you'll wanna to sleep in them. Confession...sometimes I do.

2. The Holiday

When one is single one starteth their own Christmas traditions. Don't ask me why I'm talking like that. Anyways I remember the first time I watched this I was nestled in my apartment senior year of uni with a good friend of mine Sanna. I can't remember what we we're eating or talking about that night, but I do remember this film making me feel serendipitous and completely carefree.  Nancy Meyers always get's it right. Don't believe me? My fav sitcom Black-ish knows what's up.

Favorite tracks so far: Remedy, Water Under the Bridge, Can't Let Go

3. ADELE 25

I ran to Target early this morning to grab the edition with 3 extra songs on it. The cashier proceeded to tell me that this was the 7th one she's sold that morning and they'd only been open for a few minutes. "Who is that girl?" she asked me. I waited a moment to see if she was joking. She looked at me, waiting for an answer. She wasn't joking. 
"Real music," I replied, "real music."

4. PSP 1000

I remember putting this thing on my Christmas list when I was like 13. I was obsessed with everything Nintendo. I had the 64, Game boy , Game Boy Color, SP and Advance. This was my  introduction into the Sony world and it was perfect.  Time passed though and I grew up. Zero time to play video games anymore (I mean I was a career woman right? Pffffft. HA!). I was rummaging around in an old box of mind the other day though and came across a few old chargers, one of them being for my beloved PSP. Let's just say I played Burnout Legends longer than I should have last night...

5. Ipod Mini

Okay don't laugh at me. Do you remember what it was like to have a device that just did one thing? Yeah me neither. I found my old iPod Mini hidden in the crevice of my bookshelf last week and I can't believe it still works. It's nice to have a device that focuses on one thing. Music. No distractions of text messages and Instagram pings. Just 1,000 songs in your pocket. Thanks Steve.

6. Year of Yes | Shonda Rhimes

I'm halfway through Shonda's memoir and let me just tell y'all. It's good. Like really really good. The way she's kicking fear's butt...INTROVERTS UNITE!

7. Zuppa Toscana Recipe (not pictured)

Folks I can't cook. Nope, not being humble. I really can't cook. My pops says for this reason in particular I will never find a husband. I might become the cat lady you avoid next door or something I don't know. I do know that yesterday I tried this recipe for the first time and it actually turned out good. YOU HEAR THAT DAD?! IT WAS GOOD.  Oh and I didn't die. That's a plus. I fear that one day I might just kill someone from my cooking. Ok it ain't that bad. But I do have a hard time when I don't have a recipe in my hands. I wasn't blessed with the gift of throwin' a pinch of this in that and a dollop of this in there. I NEED MEASUREMENTS PEOPLE.  I need cups and tablespoons and ounces.