Food hangs are good hangs | Kansas City

The mouth watering Summit Burger at The Westside Local

I grew up here in Kansas City so there are a lot of memories associated with this place. I remember summers so hot my leather (pleather) pants would stick to my butt and skipping down to the corner store after church for grape soda and hot cheetos. I remember the smell and sounds of summer camp and the flutter of first time crushes. I remember weekends at Blockbuster (VHS OH MY) and dominating in 1080 Snowboarding and Mario Kart on my Nintendo 64. Childhood was good. But I ended up moving away before I had a chance to really explore KC as an adult. 

7 years later though I'm back. And I'm slowly discovering that some of my favorite spots to hang are also the best spots to grab a bite to eat.  Coincidence? I think not. I like to eat and quality restaurants (coupled with amazing friends) were often the backdrop to every good night I've ever had when I lived in Nashville. Wonder if it will be the same here?

The Rieger Hotel, Grill & Exchange

Town-Topic Hamburgers

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