Moving Back to The Midwest

Power & Light District, Kansas City, MO.

After quitting my job to pursue this brilliant idea of traveling and writing full time, I knew that I’d need some sort of fresh start. Some sort of temporary "in between" as I continued to plan my travels and crank out this book that’s been swirling about in my head for almost two years now. 

Turns out that moving back to Kansas City would be my best bet. While it was hard to leave Nashville, here I’ve got the built in support system I never knew I needed in order to pursue my passions. Not to mention all the jazz, Gates BBQ and baseball games (forever Royal) I could ever want. 

It’s funny how quickly we forget certain things about a place once we move away and how quickly they come rushing back once we arrive again. Growing up here as a kid I spent most of  my days in the library with my nose stuck in the books or playing outside with the boys. We’d zoom down the sidewalk in our rollerblades and skateboards, sometimes with helmets, sometimes without. "Sometimes without" always ended badly.

Now I'm settling back in and finding new ways to have adventures and make memories (still without helmets). Thank God I have friends and family here to help me rediscover this city one day at a time.

*All photos taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please ask permission before using.