Work Hard Play Hard

Please forgive me for this post. I was so excited to finally feel warm weather and blue skies that I barely documented anything. Plus I wanted to enjoy the different food and meet new people, and not have a camera in my hand the entire time.  But hey I managed to scrape together a few clips to make a super short video. Here's to the next adventure! 

El Capitolo 

Colors in San Juan

This was also a work trip but best believe I found time to explore and make new friends. One of them being Sita, a lovely lady from New Zealand. Have you ever met someone that you've felt you've known your entire life?  That's Sita :) She's probably the sweetest stranger I've ever met. And now we're not strangers anymore! I'm coming to visit you in New Zealand girl! I hope the cops there are as good looking as the ones in Puerto Rico ;)

Sita, my New Zealand friend :)

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Just a red door in St. Thomas? Or gateway to another world?

Birks on a boat

Didn't wanna leave this cabana behind in Half Moon Cay.

San Juan.

San Juan.

An alley in San Juan. 

Porch hangs