She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper

My Rating: 5/5 Beans
Author: Jordan Harper
Pub Date: June
6th 2017
Publisher: Ecco/HarperCollins

"The way he saw it, these were junkie times he was living in. Everybody hooked on something. Maybe dope or booze. Maybe pizza, or half-gallon cups of soda or foods made up by guys in white coats. Maybe picking fights on the Internet or some game with electric jewels falling from the top of their phones. But everybody was a rat in the lab, everybody had something stuck in their skulls and a pedal to push that gave them a jolt."

-She Rides Shotgun



A propulsive, gritty novel about a girl marked for death who must fight and steal to stay alive, learning from the most frightening man she knows—her father.

Eleven-year-old Polly McClusky is shy, too old for the teddy bear she carries with her everywhere, when she is unexpectedly reunited with her father, Nate, fresh out of jail and driving a stolen car. He takes her from the front of her school into a world of robbery, violence, and the constant threat of death. And he does it to save her life.

Nate made dangerous enemies in prison—a gang called Aryan Steel has put out a bounty on his head, counting on its members on the outside to finish him off. They’ve already murdered his ex-wife, Polly’s mother. And Polly is their next target.

Nate and Polly’s lives soon become a series of narrow misses, of evading the bad guys and the police, of sleepless nights in motels. Out on the lam, Polly is forced to grow up early: with barely any time to mourn her mother, she must learn how to take a punch and pull off a drug-house heist. She finds herself transforming from a shy little girl into a true fighter. Nate, in turn, learns what it’s like to love fiercely and unconditionally—a love he’s never quite felt before. But can their powerful bond transcend the dangerous existence he’s carved out for them? Will they ever be able to live an honest life, free of fear?

Electrifying and mesmerizing, She Rides Shotgun is a fast-paced, twisted coming of age story. A gritty novel that begs to be read in one sitting.  It's a Leon The Professional/No Country For Old Men hybrid that sucks you in from the very first page and doesn't let go until you reach the end. Eleven year old Polly and her father Nate are characters that will float around in your mind long after you finish their story. 

Jordan Harper's writing is magnetic. I can't remember the last time I read a book that could have been a screenplay first, but that definitely has to do with the fact that Harper is also a screenwriter. The story of a father/daughter getaway is not new of course, but the way Harper writes it is. He carefully crafts Polly and her father's relationship by using different perspectives from various characters, and his cinematic descriptions waste no time conveying authentic, raw emotions. He makes you feel a certain twinge in your heart. And before you know it you're invested in the wild shenanigans of this modern day western, and you're slipping and falling, trying to keep up with Polly and her gun-toting father. 

There is absolutely nothing I'd change about She Rides Shotgun. And while this wild ride won't be for everyone, I completely adored it. It has everything you could ever want for the perfect summer read:

Fast-paced, hang on to the edge of your freakin' seat, wig snatchin' action

what the heck is gonna happen next cliff hanger chapters

Really dang Good Dialogue

amazing, three-dimensional character development


She Rides Shotgun is fantastic, just buy it and then read it and then read it again. You can purchase your own copy by clicking the link below! Happy reading loves ;)


*All opinions are my own.


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