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If you’ve ever claimed you don’t have time to read, we’re calling you out. Patience Randle makes her living as a freelancer designing websites and taking photos, but it’s more likely that you know her by the Instagram handle @inkandfable. Ink and Fable has 13.6K followers, and it’s all thanks to her love of reading and talking about books.

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We’ve been talking about the need for diverse books for a long time on Book Riot, and even the need for more attention on diverse bookstagram accounts. It’s been lovely in the past few years to see how this cause has grown and achieved remarkable victories.



Bookstagram is sort of like the new Oprah’s bookclub. It’s truly insane the amount of influence bookstagrammers have over what people are reading. And not only are they influential in suggesting what to read, they also bring a certain awareness to the literary community that I think was missing before. The bookstagram community isn’t afraid to speak their mind, and they inspire change when they see a need for it.