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4 Life Lessons To My 25 Year Old Self - Ink & Fable

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4 Life Lessons To My 25 Year Old Self

1. Stop waiting for a “Sign”

You’re 25 now. Congratulations. You‘re a quarter of a century old. And if I remember correctly you’re not where you think you need to be in life right now. But here’s a rude awakening. You never will be. Life is funny that way. It’ll whisk you away and keep you on your toes. Turn you upside down and right side up. You’ll somehow be ready for things you never thought twice about and not ready for the things you’ve been planning for your entire life. 

Lesson here? 

Quit waiting for the right time to do, and just do. You can thank me later. 

2. Don’t let fear consume you

Up until now fear has been dormant. Quiet. Careful not to reveal too much of itself at once. But this year fear will rear its ugly head and try to prevent you from being extraordinary. 

You know that’s what fear is right? The prevention of greater things to come. In most situations, the presence of fear is simply proof that you’re probably doing something right. And if you’re on the fringe of having a meltdown, you’re closer to a breakthrough than you thought. Learn from your deepest fears, listen to your most crippling anxieties.

They just might lead you to your “extraordinary”.

3. If you don’t do it, someone else will

Potential is not easy to unlock. In fact, finding that particular key could take a whole Lord of the Rings trilogy coupled with a quest to the center of the earth.

You see it’s much easier to be unsuccessful. There’s no trying, there’s no doing. Being unproductive requires no effort, no brain power, no sleepless nights. To put it lightly it’s a coward’s way out. 

And for every day you “don’t”, there are thousands of other people who are “doing”.

This is some Neo from the Matrix type stuff. Unlocking your potential is hard, and it takes time. But I promise you the end result is totally worth it.

Don’t. Give. Up.

4. Love ain’t a fairytale, but it does indeed exist in every perfect, imperfect way.

Right now, the concept of love will seem just as far-fetched as finding bigfoot. 

A myth. 

You used to be an optimist, a half glass full kinda gal. But somewhere along the way relationships got messy, and as a result, your heart became infected with the lie that true love does not exist. 

Before long though,  you’ll rediscover the unconditional, unconventional love of the One who created you. A love so powerful and understanding that you wonder how you ever carried on so long without it. And because of God’s love, the parts that were broken by others will slowly start to heal. And I do mean slowly. Recovery takes time. But I promise you that He’ll melt away the bitterness and the holes that no one else can seem to fill.

And soon it will feel right.


you will have enough strength to carry it.

  1. This is beautiful, Patience (also, sorry if I’m getting quite annoying with my comments on Instagram, your blog, Facebook…) I just realize I’ve been following a lot of wonderful and talented creators on Instagram for the past years, but I never actually cared to form bonds or connect as a person (I mean, it’s easier to like a picture and keep scrolling, but that won’t do anymore…). I love getting a wonderful, lovely and unexpected message from a follower and the smile I can’t help but make at my phone screen, and smiles and kindness are two things there’ll be never enough in this world!

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