New Indie Book Bar Opens in KC: Here’s the Scoop on Our Daily Nada

All photos were taken with my iPhone or old Canon. Hoping to have my new Sony soon!

I’ve been counting down the days for Our Daily Nada to open ever since Claire from @kcplates told me about it months ago. So when I was invited to a sneak peek of this new boozy bookstore I TOTALLY geeked out, and on a gloomy, rainy Tuesday afternoon, I walked through the doors of Our Daily Nada…

The owners Amy Covitz and Andrea Baca are some of the most passionate, beautiful souls I’ve ever met (seriously can I be like you two when I grow up please)! This dream of theirs has been 5 years in the making. I can’t imagine what it feels like to see your blood sweat and tears become such an amazing reality.

Our Daily Nada has a pureness that ripples through the walls.

For all the book lovers out there, you know just how special it is to have a space dedicated to the love of reading, and you can tell the difference between it being fabricated or authentic. Our Daily Nada has a pureness that ripples through the walls. It just feels right, it feels like home. Amy and Andrea made sure of that.

Not only does the bookstore offer a curated selection of used/new books you never knew you needed, they also offer a full wine and cheese menu, complete with charcuterie plates that are great for sharing with a group (new book club spot anyone!?). There are cozy couches and chairs tucked away in every corner, and a beautiful old piano nestled next to the bar. Every part of the space complements the act of burying your nose in a good book.



A beautiful group of introverts connecting for the first time at Our Daily Nada. Thank you for bringing us together!

Located in the heart of the River Market, Our Daily Nada is sure to be the space for local book lovers to congregate and share their love for the written word. Keep an eye out for their official opening next week!

Our Daily Nada 304 Delaware St, Kansas City, MO 64105


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