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Dorothy Dandridge

This is something I’d like to start doing every weekend! A quick little roundup of little things that made my week. Hopefully, I can keep up and look back at the end of the year on all of the little things that brought me joy!

Here we go:


The brand new series, The First, streaming on Hulu. Every single episode is hauntingly beautiful, but man, that score.

I’m not ashamed to say that I binge-watched the Netflix docuseries Battlefish in one day. It had me hooked. Pun intended.

Being featured on Belletrist #STACKED! eeek!!!

Zoe Kravitz on the cover of Harpers Bazaar. Zoe and a pack of wolves in a desert. Need I say more?

Finding the perfect vintage finds at my favorite Kansas City boutique, Dear Society.

Getting my hair braided by the queen, Margaret @ Bai The Way hair salon.

Watching Meghan Markle talk about her wedding dress on ITV Doc, Queen of The World. I’m OBSESSED WITH MEG. Anybody else? Just me? Ok cool.

Movie night’s with my papa at my place (it’s quickly becoming a new tradition). This week we watched Signs by M. Night Shyamalan. I can’t believe that I had never seen it all the way through. 

My mini staycation. 2 days off from work with no agenda. Praise the Lord.

This NY Times piece on how to ACTUALLY take a day off.

Cillian Murphy reading When You Are Old.

What are some things that made you happy this week? Big or small, count them all!


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  1. What a lovely post! And great idea! Keep them coming, these little discoveries, these pools of gratitude.
    (Have discovered your Insta & blog through Anne Bogel’s podcast, “What Should I Read Next?”

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