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6 Writing Podcasts that Will Inspire You to Write That Novel - Ink & Fable

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6 Writing Podcasts that Will Inspire You to Write That Novel

Today I thought I’d share something a little different with you guys! I’ve been working on my first book we won’t talk about how I’ve been procrastinating on this story for the last 5 years so I wanted to share what I think are the best writing podcasts out there! Each one of these podcasts has helped me feel less alone in the writing process. If you’re working on your first book and perhaps interested in going the self-publishing route, this list is for you!

88 Cups of Tea

best writing podcasts

I discovered 88 Cups of Tea only a few weeks ago but it’s quickly advanced to the top of my list as one of my favorite podcasts. The host Yin Chang does a great job of interviewing all of the authors that she features on the podcast. The conversation is lighthearted with plenty of writing gems that will leave you wanting more!

Listen to 88 Cups of Tea

The Creative Penn

I’m a sucker for British accents. And author Joanna Penn has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I love the Creative Penn because she always has the best advice on marketing your book, something that can be difficult to navigate on your own as an indie author.

Listen to the Creative Penn Podcast

Kobo Writing Life

The Kobo Writing Life features a variety of interviews and writing tips from various authors and publishing professionals. You’ll find episodes about book trailers, writing crime fiction, and tips for starting your own publishing house. I found Sacha Black through an episode on how to create a villain with depth. Super helpful!

Listen to Kobo Writing Life

Bestseller by Reedsy

best writing podcasts

If you’re working on your first novel and you aren’t aware of, you’re totally missing out! Reedsy is an online platform for authors that have the specific desire to self-publish their novels. Reedsy is full of resources for the indie author. Here you’ll find editors, cover designers and publicists all in one space. The Bestseller podcast is great because it follows the step by step process of self-publishing your work.

Listen to Besteller

Helping Writers Become Authors

One of the reasons I love this podcast so much is because most of Katie’s episodes are short and sweet. That makes them the perfect podcast to listen to while you’re getting ready for work or when you’re taking your lunch break. Be sure to keep a notepad though, I seriously can’t listen to an episode without wanting to take an entire page of notes (she’s a GREAT teacher). When you’re all caught up on her podcast, be sure to check out Katie’s blog, It’s overflowing with helpful writing tips and resources.

Listen to Helping Writers Become Authors 


best screenwriting podcasts

If it’s a screenplay you’re working on, Scriptnotes is probably the podcast for you. This is also probably the writing podcast that I’ve listened to for the longest (Thank you Michael Ulrich). The host, John August has extensive knowledge about the film industry and has written several screenplays himself, making him the perfect teacher for this category of writing. August also helped developed Highland, which is a highly robust writing application built specifically for screenwriters.

Listen to Scriptnotes

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of what I think are some of the best writing podcasts out there! They’ve helped me so much on my writing journey so I know they’ll help you too.

Happy Writing!

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