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A Holiday At Hotel Phillips - Ink & Fable

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A Holiday At Hotel Phillips

*Disclaimer: My Stay At Hotel Phillips Was Complimentary, But All Opinions Are My Own.

Admit it, If you’re a workaholic, it can be extremely hard to plan a getaway. Especially when you’re trying to travel somewhere exotic. 
But with a little bit of planning and pixie dust, you can create the perfect staycation right in your own hometown. I’ve partnered with Hotel Phillips to show you how it’s done.

Built in the 1930’s, Hotel Phillips is a beautiful historical hotel located in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Each room is newly restored with an elegant style and modern amenities for the everyday traveler.

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When I walked into my room for the first time I settled onto the couch and poof! The stress of the week immediately melted away.

Not only are the rooms in Hotel Phillips fantastic, but you’ve got 3 different options for places to hang, drink and be merry. First stop was Kilo Charlie. A cute little coffee bar located inside the hotel. The menu is a dream for any coffee addict and the atmosphere is chic and quaint, the perfect spot for an interview or meeting.

Next up we’ve got Tavernonna, the amazing Italian restaurant attached to the hotel. I was so engrossed in the food, that I forgot to take a picture. It was THAT good. I had the most tender Rigatoni Bolognese (oh goodness I can still taste it) that I could pull apart with my fork. I’m pretty sure the flavors did a little dance on my palate. You can really taste the heritage and the passion that goes into every dish.

You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to get a taste of Tavernonna. I suggest you make reservations right now and tell them Patience sent you!

Before I retreated to my room for some R&R, I wanted to sneak a peek into P.S., a  hip little speakeasy hidden underneath the underbelly of Hotel Phillips. The bar (once an old mail sorting room) was jam-packed with standing room only and jazzy tunes carried all throughout the low lit room. I ordered one of my favorites, a Horsefeather, and stayed to listen to more music before I called it a night.

Is there an award we can give out for the comfiest hotel bed? If so, Hotel Phillips wins. Not only was the mattress just right, but the sheets and covers were absolutely perfect. And the pillows disguised themselves as clouds. The only reason I got out of bed was for breakfast. I ordered the steak and eggs, and a cappuccino. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but believe me when I tell you this food was good. Each flavor complimented the other and every bite melted in my mouth.

Before I knew it, it was time to check out 🙁

I packed up my things and kissed one of the best beds I’d ever slept in goodbye. Then I remembered hey, I live here! I can book myself a little staycation whenever I want, and so can you! If you’re interested in staying here for the holidays be sure to visit I promise you’ll have a fantastic time. Thank you to Wagstaff Worldwide and Hotel Phillips for inviting me out and sponsoring my stay, I had an incredible time and I can’t wait to come back!

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