New Year, New Skills

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2019 is approaching fast. Like REALLY fast.

And while I’m not all gung-ho for New Year’s Resolutions, I am all for learning some new skills.

I stumbled upon this Idris Elba video a few weeks ago and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Here’s a part of the transcript:

“I just want to encourage people to stay away from people who tell you to stay in your lane. You’ve got one life to live. It’s your birthright to try as many different things as you want. If you’re a painter and decorator and you want to be a boxer, you try that. If you’re an accountant and you want to be a ballet dancer, you go for that. It’s your birthright. I get criticized by people who stay in their lane; that haven’t got the confidence to try anything else, and that’s boring. Life’s too short for that-do your thing, don’t get pigeonholed into a box. The way man created computers to multitask and handle anything you ask it to do, is the same way you should approach your own brain,

“it is capable of learning new skills until the day you die. Try something new and don’t be discouraged.”

Elba’s words hit me like a ton of Home Alone 2 bricks. And I realized why I’d been feeling so discouraged lately: society pretty much says that we’ve got to choose one thing to be good at and stick to it. No more, no less.

There’s just one problem with that, I’ve never stuck to just one thing, and I happen to like it that way. I love cinematography and screenwriting. I’m passionate about photography and my newfound hobby, cooking. I’m working on a novel and taking a course on 3D animation. I love a lot of different things, and just because my primary career is in digital marketing doesn’t mean that I can’t pursue cooking. Just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a life as a painter.

That’s why I was SO happy when approached me to be one of their brand ambassadors. There are so many amazing classes on Skillshare! I’ve been using the weekends as an excuse to immerse myself in learning, and I’m in love.

Skillshare and I have partnered up to bring you 2 MONTHS free! That’s access to over 18,000 classes for FREE. No commitments, no money. Just sign up via the link below to give it a try.

Skillshare + Ink&Fable

If you sign up, let me know in the comments what skill you’ll be learning for 2019.

Here’s to a new year, new me skills.


  1. Thank you! I’m gonna do it. I love trying new things. It’s never as scary as I think it will be. Hey, if you ever come to Portland, OR let me know. Of course there us Powell’s Books but I can show you my favorite coffee shop. Blessings to you.

    1. Yay I so very glad that you are going to give Skillshare a try! I will definitely let you know the next time I visit Portland!

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