If You Visit North Carolina, Borrow A Bike, Your Butt And Heart Will Thank You

Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina

Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina

This past weekend my family and I spent the weekend in North Carolina. When we arrived a few of us hopped on borrowed bikes and cycled to the beach. We walked in the sand for a while and I did what any other 24 year old would do and tried my best to mimic Arial of The Little Mermaid. I belted out Part of Your World and Under the Sea at the top of my lungs, gathering weirdly colored oyster shells as we walked along the coast. I kept an eye out for Ursula too, couldn't have her stealin' my voice, no ma'am.

Afterwards we biked back to our friend's beach house. It seemed unreal almost. The house was just too perfect and quaint.  The kind you'd only find in a storybook. 

Surrounded by open windows and doors, the ocean breeze softly greeted us, making the fabric of our clothes bend and balloon into weird shapes.

The breeze must have been some sort of pixie dust because all of us, after putting our things away immediately fell asleep. There's just something about a place on the water...you're guaranteed to have good dreams. 

There were a lot of great moments last weekend but I think the highlight of our trip for me was bike riding. I know it seems so simple. Everybody rides bikes right? Well I haven't ridden in almost 7 years. Yeah. SEVEN. That should be a sin people. 

On Sunday we rode our bikes 7 miles. SEVEN MILES GUYS. THAT IS A LOT FOR ME IN CASE YOU’RE WONDERING WHICH IS WHY I'M TYPING IN CAPS LOCK. At first the ride along the coast was easy breezy. Really, I could've gone on for 20 miles. It's when we decided to turn around that I realized I'd forgotten about a little thing called WIND. And HOLY CRAP is wind important when you ride a bike. That's why you start out cycling against it so that on your ride back the wind is helping you, not hindering you.  

I was completely out of breathe. Sweaty and smelly. This was not a glamorous bike ride anymore. This was real. Too real. And we still had another 3 miles to go. 

We needed a break so we pulled off into the lot of Tony's Surf Shop. I was praying to God that they'd be open. I wanted something cool to refresh this weary body and soul. But as we peered into the cafe from our side of the glass we realized it had all the signs of being closed. Dim lights. Only one car in the lot. 

NOOOOOO. NOHOHOOOOOO.  *shakes fist in air

We were about to give up when we heard a dog start barking from the inside. Built in security system..I like it. Soon enough a middle aged bald guy came to the front door and unlocked it. 

“What do you guys need?”

"Um do you have coffee by any chance?"

“Sure I can make y’all something come on in." 

I felt so relieved. Like I'd been stranded at sea for 12 days without food and water and was suddenly rescued by God himself. I wanted to kiss him.

Seriously guys I’m so dramatic. 

Anyways, the middle aged bald guy actually ended up being Tony, the owner. I mean when’s the last time you went to a shop and met the guy who's name was the neon sign plastered on the front door? We explored his shop of surfboards and Pac Sun-ish tank tops as he made us tasty iced coffee. This air-con felt good.

He asked us where we were staying and if we had walked to his shop. 

DANG. Did we look that bad? I'm so outta shape man. I thought to myself.

We told him it had been a long time since we've been on bikes. He chuckled and said he understood. 

When we were done with our drinks we thanked Tony and hopped back on the bikes.

It took twice as long as our trip out but we finally made it back home. My clothes were soaked through and my legs felt like cold wet ramen noodles. But inside, it felt so freakin' good to do something I hadn't done in years. 

Not to mention the good butt exercise. 


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