I love it in every format, in every tangible and intangible way. After all, storytelling is the foundation of our very world isn’t it? Our very being?

I'd like to think so.

I'd like to think that life is one big narrative and that you have the power to create your inciting incident. The moment your life flips a switch, unable to go back to the way things were. Tumbling into a world of adventure and chaos.

I'd like to think that some of the characters in your story are hand plucked and others are randomly placed.


And that the end of your story never truly comes to an end, but instead passes down from one storyteller to the next. Never dying, never buried.

This is why story is so important.

A good story has the power to impact and jumpstart. It has the ability to inspire and stir up magic.

And if done right, story has the power to ignite change.

We just need more storytellers...

-Patience Randle