Greta Gerwig’s Little Women Is a Gem

Well, a few days ago I finally curled up on my couch to watch your adaption of Little Women. And lemme tell you Greta, I ugly cried. Like WEPT. I’m not quite sure why, but this version of the story sparked something in me.


How to Get Zoë Kravitz Braids with Woven Hair Part 2

Have you read part 1 of this Zoë Kravitz braids how to series yet? If not, start here before you continue. All set? Okay, let’s start with the products that I used…


How to Get Zoë Kravitz Braids with Woven Hair Part 1

When I have a vision in my head of how I want my hair to look, I can’t let it go until I achieve it. I literally become obsessed with it. I learned how to do my own individual braids 6 months ago, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. But I still wanted the “Zoë Kravitz braids”. I wanted that “carefree, just rolled outta bed but I still look cute” look.


Links I Love | Vol. 7

I’ve been obsessed with Jonathan Majors ever since I saw his mesmerizing performance in The Last Black Man In San Francisco.  With the new series Lovecraft Country, we get to see Majors…


My Mom Inspired My Latest Hairstyle

When I think of some of my favorite childhood memories, I’m often transported back in time to our small apartment in north Kansas City. CeCe Winans’ smooth silky voice is floating from…


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