How to Get Zoë Kravitz Braids with Woven Hair Part 1

Zoë Kravitz Braids in Tumi Ad

When I have a vision of how I want my hair to look, I can’t let it go until I achieve it. I literally become obsessed with it. I learned how to do my own individual braids back in February, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. But I still wanted the “Zoë Kravitz, human hair braids”. I wanted that “carefree, just rolled outta bed but I still look cute” look.

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Here’s the catch though, there is like zero information out there regarding what kind of hair/products that Zoë’s hairstylist, Nikki Nelms uses. It’s like a secret society. If you want to replicate a look you love, you kind of just have to experiment until you stumble upon something that gets you pretty close. And do a crap ton of research. We do know though that Nikki uses 100% virgin human hair to do Zoë’s braids. So with that tiny bit of info, I started to try and track down some ethical human hair brands. I decided that if I was going to have human hair extensions, they would need to be from a sustainable and ethical brand.

To my surprise, there are only a handful of companies that can truly call themselves 100% sustainable and ethical when it comes to sourcing human hair.

Woven Hair

Woven Hair is one of those unique companies, AND it’s Black-owned! Margot Greer founded Woven after being diagnosed with breast cancer. When chemotherapy left Margot with no hair, she came to the realization that hair loss wasn’t something that the doctors prepared you for. The wigs that were offered to cancer patients with hair loss were nice, but most of them looked unrealistic. And the ones that did look like they were growing out of your head were completely unaffordable. Margot wanted to change this.

“Our mission is to be the reliable and trusted source of quality hair to women who care about where it comes from.”

Woven cares about traceability, in that they know exactly where the hair comes from. They are also a hair company that gives back. For every piece purchased, they give back to a woman who needs hair, which I think is pretty amazing!

Margot was kind enough to send me some of their Ocean Wave Wefts for more to try for this style. I am SO pleased with how it turned out, and am now a Woven customer for life.

For the full tutorial, click here for part 2!

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