Where Are You Christmas?

Cindy Lou Who couldn't find it, and neither can I. 


Remember when you were like 5 and Christmas always seemed like lightyears away? I felt like I was literally going to die. And that if I really had to wait all of those minutes, hours and all of those days my body would combust and I wouldn't make it til Christmas Eve. 

Sometimes, the Christmas specials on TV helped. A Garfield Christmas, Charlie Brown and Home Alone (those screams though) always made Christmas seem to arrive a little quicker. Sleepovers helped too. I could share my pain with a friend who understood me. Build forts in the living room and survive on advent calendars made of chocolate and sip hot cocoa till our lips fell off. Nice eh?

Anyways the years passed and here I am, going on 25 and busy as heck. It feels like just a few days ago Christmas was at least a few weeks away. And now it's nearly here. 48 HOURS. 

I think I've watched one Christmas movie so far and I just now finished wrapping  all of my gifts last night.  

It doesn't feel like Christmas.

Is it because there is no snow on the ground? Is it because of all the commercialism I see every time I turn on the TV? "GET THIS! BUY THIS! YOU NEED THIS!" they say. Maybe it's because I was too busy counting down the days to The Force Awakens. Or maybe the reason I'm not feeling the season is because literally NO ONE says Merry Christmas anymore. 

All of the sudden it's just about hurry hurry and get get. I'm finding that it really takes a conscious effort to slow down and be present. And that if I don't find the perfect gift it's okay! The world won't explode and that person won't hate me (hopefully). Instead of rushing around this time of year is more about calling my friends back, and texting them for no reason. Picking up a card for someone who's had a tough week, showing them that I'm here if they need me even though emails, phone calls and too many edits crowd my days and weeks. Truth is there are always going to be phone calls and emails crowding my inbox. But busyness is a choice. We've got to choose to make time for the people we want to keep in our lives.

So tonight I'll make time to watch Home Alone and bake oddly shaped cookies (mine never turn out right) with too much icing. I'll throw on the footies my Norwegian grandma knitted for me (thank you Besta!) and cozy up by the fire to read the real story of Christmas. I'll be sure to hug a little longer tonight, and say I love you a few more times than usual.  And I'll remember that little Linus said it best...