Help, I Lost My Passion.

When you become a certain age, it finds you. No, not the tooth fairy…IT. And you can simply choose to acknowledge it or run it from it. Chances are as you grow older you’ll run from it, because that’s easier, less demanding and we’re lazy human beings. You’ll choose to run from it with distracting relationships and a desk job complete with a Keurig. You’ll run from it by constantly going out, spending money you don’t have on friends you think you do have. It’s there waiting for you like a dog begging to be walked but you’ll ignore him instead, substituting what he really wants for a pathetic game of fetch.

This IT is your passion.

And if you run from your passion long enough believe me it will get the memo that you no longer need it and it will flatline. There will be silence. And you will notice that it’s no longer waking you up at 2am to jot down the words that are spilling out of your brain into that notebook all wavy and crumpled with watermarks anymore. It’s no longer a part of your soul. It’s gone, and now you’re freaking out.

This is your wakeup call.
Your second chance.
Acknowledge your passion or run from it.

It’s 8am on a Monday but I’m not leaving for work today because I quit my job. Even though I love the people I worked with I quit because I had to make the decision to save my passion. Those half written projects and places I wanted to travel to wouldn't wait for me forever and I couldn’t keep going through life knowing that it could’ve been mine and that I was just too lazy and crippled with comfort zone-itis to take advantage of it. I don’t have it all figured out but at least I’m finally doing something. Doing instead of trying. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now. I’m setting goals for my dreams and taking actual steps to reach them this time.

Acknowledging my passion instead of running from it.